Stretcher Van

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Stretcher Van Services

We are pleased to offer the region’s only cost-effective alternative for patients requiring a stretcher with no medical needs during transport.  This type of transport, Stretcher Van or Invalid Transport Vehicle, will offer a patient the ability to be transported at a lower cost than by ambulance, when the patient has no apparent medical need other than to be transported by stretcher.

This level of transportation provides many benefits to the patient:

  • Two trained personnel are there to assist in movement of the patient from their bed or chair onto our stretcher.
  • The staff will remain with the patient during their appointment unless the patient is admitted for a procedure that will take multiple hours to complete.
  • The staff will assist the patient with any personal needs throughout the transport.
  • Following the appointment we will return the patient back to their residence and place them in a position of comfort where they choose.
  • Many times this form of transportation is at a lower cost out of pocket than most co-pays through a private insurance.
  • This mode of transport can be used for short or long distance transports.

This type of transport is not covered by Medicare or private insurances, but could be covered by VA or TN Medicaid.  If Medicaid will pay for the transport the patient or representative may be required to contact their Medicaid broker for pre-approval.  Our staff can assist with phone numbers for your appropriate Medicaid contact.

Call our main office at (423)575-2728 to schedule an appointment.

Or you may call our billing office at (423)764-4942 with any questions regarding pre-approval or payments.