Wheelchair/Taxi Transportation

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Wheelchair/Taxi Transportation

If you’re someone that can walk outside of your home or if you’re someone that uses a wheelchair for your primary mode of movement we have lower cost modes of transportation to help you get where you want to be.

We offer wheelchair and taxi transportation for those that do not require transportation by stretcher.  Usage of our taxi’s requires the ability to walk from your home and into your appointment without assistance.  If you are in a wheelchair our staff will assist in getting outside of your home, into our van and into your desired destination.  In this circumstance your residence must be somewhere that the wheelchair does not have to be moved up or down steps and have a reasonable walkway to our van.

Medicare will not cover the cost for either of these types of transportation.  Virginia and Tennessee Medicaids will cover these but must be contacted by the patient (or patient’s representative) for pre-approval.

To request transportation by either of these modes please call (423)575-2728.

If you have questions regarding insurance coverage or payment please call our billing office at (423)764-4942